Stop Boring Your Audience Using Cringe-Worthy Activities and Interaction That Every Other Presenter Is Using!

Do You Include Audience Interaction in Your Program?
Enhance, Design and Customize Your Audience Interaction Skills for Any Group.

Audience Interaction Mastery Intensive

A standard question professional speakers are asked from meeting planners and decision making committees when searching for event speakers.

The traditional response is ‘Of course’ which allows your material to be put into the pile with other speakers who answered affirmatively as well. It is a pre-requisite to be considered for most programs. It is also an opportunity for you to stand out in the selection process.

Would you like your response to the question to be better than the normal “Yes” which is how every other speaker is going to reply?

Would you stand out from the pile of competitors if this was your response:

“What makes my content connected interaction, purposeful, unique and beneficial is that it is attached to take-away action anchors which make my points easily recalled days or months later.”

What is true about Presenters using audience interaction in today’s marketplace:

  • Audience interaction is an expected component of presentations.
  • Many speakers struggle with effectively using and including interaction in their programs. Using ‘back rubs or turn to your neighbor’ as interaction does not impress decision makers.
  • Done poorly, the return on the amount of time taken from your speech upsets the meeting planner who hired you.
  • Keynotes, concurrent presenters need various types of interactive tools for diverse learning styles and group sizes.
  • The connection between a speaker’s material and use of interaction needs to be clear, strong and appropriate.
  • Many presenters self-sabotage their efforts by assuming levels of intimacy they have not developed.

How many times have you witnessed a speaker inadvertently limit their success,
the opportunity for repeat business and referrals by using audience interaction poorly?

Is the lack of interaction mastery limiting your business and referrals?

My session with Norm was so enlightening and inspiring. He gave me so many tips on how to create an  environment in order for my audience to be in a receptive mode, willing to listen to my offer all the way through finding a perfect anchor and give away that will entice my  audience to take advantage of my special offer; the one that establishes my credibility and separates me from the rest.

I highly recommend spending time with Norm if your focus is to increase your impact with your clients and make them see you as the professional that you are.

– Donna Hanson

Audience Interaction Mastery Intensive

  • The Audience Interaction Mastery is a 3-day instructional intensive is where we address all the components to successful and meaningful engagement with any audience.
  • Would you like to have your audience energetically raising their hands to be a volunteer?
  • How about creating a buzz in the room that every meeting planner cannot ignore when they see the smiles on the faces of their group.
  • Do you want to have your audience talking about your message and points after you have finished your program?
  • Do you want great pictures, video clips, and testimonials from members of your audience who are talking about great your interaction was during your program?

In our time together you will learn how to ensure any form of audience interaction you use is meaningful and compliments the message in your speech.

Why is this Event Unique and Necessary?
5 Reasons Why You Need to Standout So Decision Makers Consider You the Easy and Ideal Choice

  1. The competition grows every day.
    The barrier of entry to being a professional speaker is pretty low. Every day the number of speakers entering the industry increases. Your ability to stand out among a crowded field of presenters is vital to your bottom line. Interaction mastery is mandatory to avoid losing the audience, taking too much time and using an engagement that is hard for the audience to see the relevancy
  2. Audiences want to be involved and interactive with your program.
    Today’s audience craves and appreciates speakers who Involve them in a meaningful and respectful way. Every audience is diverse and underwhelming interaction skills will limit your effectiveness and what you can do within your presentation.
  3. Decision Makers are looking for ways to select a speaker.
    Having a great speech is the baseline and only gets you included in the pile of speakers to be considered by decision makers. Audience interaction that is meaningful, enjoyable and unique is an important way to differentiate yourself in the decision-making process. You create distinction in the selection process with your video demo showcasing your above average interaction skills.
  4. Custom, intentional and enjoyable interaction beats generic every time.
    Understanding when to insert interaction, having various options and creating a connection with your audience that reduces resistance is what will enhance your message and program. If you are doing what other speakers use, your audience will most likely have done it before.
  5. Great Interaction broadens your reach and extends your message.
    Months after your program ends will the audience remember your key points? Like a signature story you can create a unique interaction that anchors your message, makes it easy to recall and be used as part of your marketing efforts.

Here is a snapshot of what we cover and
how it helps you enhance your audience interactions.

  • The science of how to use interaction to create transformations in audiences.
  • How to stand out with meeting planners by incorporating your Afterglow Anchors® to make it easy for your audience to recall your message months after the program ends.
  • Learn how to use meaningful audience interaction within your presentation without sacrificing valuable speaking time.
  • You will learn how to use our Experience Matrix® to design your ideal interaction experience.
  • How to engage the audience without creating resistance when adding interaction.
  • When your engagement does not work what do you do next? Bounce back strategies.
  • Bringing the audience’s reaction into a measurable tool that can be used in the promotion of your speaking service.
  • Where to find great interactive activities.
  • Using innovation and relevancy in your interaction as part of your marketing.
  • How to get everyone engaged by using direct and indirect interaction strategies.
  • Deciding and structuring beforehand the length of each interaction.
  • Structure interaction to include CEO’s and Management as participants, not observers.
  • How to create interaction with and without the use of technology.
  • Types of engagement to use during a keynote, breakout or other kinds of sessions.
  • How to eliminate the ‘cringe factor’ during interactions and Team building activities.
  • Most effective methods for engagement with diverse audiences.
  • Tools and techniques to increase audience interactions.
  • How do you communicate in advance the value of interaction to the buyer?
  • How to incorporate props to magnify your message.

Your Worry Free Guarantee

You will create your customized, audience interaction experience for your program. As a result of attending our Audience Interaction Mastery Intensive, you will no longer need to include generic interaction activities used by other colleagues.

You will also leave with your customized Afterglow Anchor® and the process to create more for any program you offer. Audience members will be able to recall your main point, months after your program has ended. No more, ‘they were good, but I cannot tell you anything specific about what I learned’ comments from audience members which frustrates meeting planners.

You will enhance your use of audience interaction to create and showcase your distinction within your program.

We will refund 100% of your investment if you do not leave with these results after actively participating in our intensive.

About the Primary Presenter and Creator Norm Hull

Hi, I am Norm Hull CSP, I have been a professional speaker for 39 years which has provided a wealth of presentation adventures and audience interaction opportunities. My life work of enhancing the leadership skills of my audience has always included meaningful interaction. Having over 2500 paid presentations, distributed between the 3,000,000 plus audience members who have heard me speak has been the ideal interaction skill honing forum.

Read More About Norm

How are we going to work together to make this happen?

Our intimate sized group is the ideal forum to create, test and refine your audience interaction skill. The best way to get an immediate return on your investment and enhance your audience interaction mastery is to test what you learn while at our event.

You will find the other speakers in attendance to be your best supporters and qualified to provide credible feedback. This is the room where you can practice, struggle and receive suggestions on how to enhance your interaction strategy for your audience.

Worth The Investment?

How valuable is it to your business to be able to confidently share with decision makers how your audience engagement enhances your message and their desired outcome.

How valuable is mastering the skill of audience engagement?

  • You have the slot after lunch and your audience is going to be in dark room, stomach full of food and the afternoon crash happening in the middle of your presentation. You will know the ideal type of meaningful interaction to insert and prevent this behavior.
  • The audience is restless because of some logistical hiccup that took place before you take the stage. You will learn how to get their focus back from what took place before they entered the room?
  • Your heavy content needs to be digested by a room full of diverse learners, each with a different style of learning. Are you reaching everyone? You will leave with a toolbox that engages diverse learners and audiences.
  • The presenters before you have already used the industry standards, (the ‘turn to your neighbor’) and you want to avoid looking amateurish by using what has already been done. You will create your own distinct interaction and engagement activity.
  • Have you watched and audience interaction take too much time from a program, and the return was not worth the effort? You will learn how to create a variety of ways to engage the audience dependent on the amount of time you have to present.

Who is ideal for this program?

  • Speakers who want their material to stand out with meeting planners during the selection process.
  • Presenters who have diverse audiences and want to step up their interaction from back rubs, turn to your neighbor and raise your hand interaction.
  • Keynoters and concurrent presenters who recognize they have introverts, extroverts and every personality in between in their audience and you need different ways to engage them all.
  • Speakers who know they cannot afford to have an audience interaction turn into a time stealing activity that has a thin connection to their content.
  • Professional who want to ensure they are maximizing audience interaction to meet the needs of decision makers, audience members while advancing their business opportunities and creating distinction in the marketplace.
  • Presenters with great testimonials, reviews and material who are tired of being passed over by selection committees.

Intimate Environment for Great Customized Results

Audience Interaction Mastery enrollment is limited to provide plenty of practice, customization and feedback among the group.

As much as we would like to have this be a large intensive we know Mastery takes place when the forum provides an opportunity for customization, creativity, and chance to refine. We have limited the size to allow for every participant to leave with their own interaction strategy created, practiced and ready to implement.

Like the ideal audience interaction experience, the set-up is vital to creating a positive insertion into your program.

In the room you can expect to find keynoters, workshop leaders and trainers who recognize the value of meaningful audience interaction, understand how important mastery in this area is to decision makers.

Pre-requisites for Attending the Program

Speakers & Presenters who know that in their audience there are:

  • Extroverts wanting to be part of the program.
  • Introverts who want to be engaged and are not sure how to overcome their own resistance.
  • Planning committees who are looking for the speaker who will have the audience embracing and thankful for the meaningly interaction they provided.

Is this what you are seeking? Yes? Join us!

Strategic Support During and After

We are going to have fun, be creative and enhance our interaction skills. The intimate size provides the ideal forum for interaction, free-flowing conversation, and instruction that delineates from the standard ‘sit for 90 minutes take a break and repeat’ process. Our structure is designed to get the most out of our time we are gathered together.

Here is is how we provide support during and after.

Audience Interaction Mastery Manual

You receive an Audience Interaction Mastery manual. It contains the printed information we cover and provides space for you to add your customized notes. The manual will supplement the interactive training, sharing and creating that takes place in the company of colleagues.

Monthly Mastermind

Building in follow-up mechanisms is one of the vital tools that can ensure your information gets implemented, and improved behavior takes place. We continue our support after the program by providing monthly mastermind calls to address your questions.

The event mastermind is in existence for six months after the intensive has concluded. We know this membership time-span provides ample time for you to apply, test and share your results with the members. The forum allows for questions with the people who attended the event at the same time as you.

One of the benefits of keeping our size limited is you will not have to compete to have your question answered. All calls will be recorded, and you will have access for the six months.

Individual Support

Have you ever left an event and have questions after the fact? Of course, you have! In the six months following the end of the event you and I will have two personal calls where we can address any issue relating to your audience interaction concerns, questions or observations.

Private Group Membership

As a participant of this intensive, you invited to become a member of our private Facebook group. The is our forum where you can post questions, ideas and also share your successes. You have a lifetime membership in this group, and all alumni from our events are entitled to membership.

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Location: Temecula Wine Country, Temecula CA

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